Times Auto Construction Project Bidding Document
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Steel  Procurement  Bidding  Document

Times Automobile construction technology projects, the project department has been set up and moved into the site. This is the invitation of tender for the steel procurement, Times Automobiles invites more competitive suppliers to participate in this bidding project, the bidding requirements are as follows:

1, Tenderee information

Tenderee: Hubei International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd.

Address: B14 Building, Huashan Software New Town, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

2, The project profile

Project Name: Hubei Province Times Automobiles industry plant construction project

3, The bidder qualification and tender documents requirements

1. Has a legally valid corporate business license, the registered capital is not lower than 5 million Yuan;

2. The supplier has an effective ISO9001 quality management system certification;

3. Has a good business reputation and a sound financial accounting system;

4. Has a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law;

5. Had no major illegal records in the first three years of participation in the tendering activities;

6. The project does not accept consortium bidding.

7. The tender documents should be provided but not limited as follow:

      1) corporate business license, tax registration certificate, the copy of the organization code certificate;

    2) the construction industry enterprise qualification certificate, construction quality inspection agency qualification certificate, measurement certificate, construction enterprise safety qualification certificate, quality system certification and a variety of credit certificate and other copies;

    3) Company profile, including the scale of enterprises, production capacity, technical staff status, the number of inspection and test equipement, as well as testing mean;

      4) related products inspection report, product grade report, product certification and other copies of proof;

      5) original of the power of  attorney, agent ID card copy;

     6) It is necessary to make a commitment to the product price, payment methods, product quality assurance, delivery time guarantee, security and civilized construction in the tender documents;

     7) The implementation plan of steel pumping equipment in this construction site and other relevant information;

     8) Description to the origin of raw material.

4, The tender offer

Project Name: Hubei era car plant construction

Commodity varietyUnit (yuan / ton)Volume (tons)Remarks

To be determined

1, to steel prices are included in the transport costs; reference Italian price

2, if the need for special steel; (bidders can be quoted according to different circumstances, attached)

3, the above unit price for the tax;

4, the contract does not include other models of steel prices to be determined by consultation;

5, the above price includes the surrounding coordination costs;

6, quotation for other instructions can be attached in the tender documents.

To be determined

To be determined

Book the total amount of steel: 1500 tons.

Special performance requirements Description: None

5, Technical requirements

"Reinforced steel with hot rolled ribbed steel standard" (GB1499-1998)

6, Supply requirements

  1. Tender or project department 24 hours in advance by writing or telephone to the bidder to request delivery, the bidder should be available at the agreed time.

7, Steel quality acceptance requirements

1. In accordance with the existing national standards and norms, the supplier shall provide the steel factory certificate (including but not limited to: factory certificate number, contract number, project name, supply, supplier name, supply period, steel mark, other technical requirements, Supply, raw material varieties, specifications, grade and re-inspection report number, steel number, steel strength indicators, other performance indicators, quality assessment), need for the two sides according to the contract requirements and product certification and other information to confirm the number of signature ;

2. Factory inspection, sampling test work by the supplier.

3. Delivery inspection, sampling test work by the demand side to bear. When the demand side does not have the test conditions, by the need for consultation between the two sides to choose a qualified testing agency to undertake the sampling inspection of delivery work.

8, Supply of measurement and payment of payment

1. The bidding method of measurement, in accordance with the owner of the design institute to confirm the design drawings to take the total supply of procurement.

2. The tender procurement, no advance payment;

3. Payment method: According to the actual situation of the company’s projects and different characteristics, to Wuhan regional Italian network as a reference tender offer, consider the four kinds of funds to pay:

1) cash payment. Goods to the site within 7 days to pay 95% of the purchase price, 5% as the quality of products B deposit six months after the payment.

2) Monthly payment. To 20 days on the 20th day limit, 20/21 reconciliation after correcting the two sides, Party B issued a VAT invoice, Party A in the B to provide sales invoices within one month to pay 95% of the purchase price, 5% of the product as a quality deposit of six Monthly payment.

3) paid in March. Party B shall issue a value-added tax invoice, Party A shall pay 95% of the purchase price within three months of the sales invoice provided by Party B, and 5% as the quality deposit of Party B’s products. Months after payment.

4) overdue payment. Within the time limit agreed by the contract is still unable to pay the additional costs, according to the overdue rate (yuan / ton * days) * overdue days.

4. Provide 17% value-added tax.

9, The preparation requirements

1. The bidder shall prepare the bid documents according to the requirements of the tender documents.

2. Tender documents in duplicate (positive and one copy each).

3. The tender documents shall be stamped with the official seal of the bidder and the signature or seal of the legal representative. The tender documents shall be sealed (the seal shall be stamped with the official seal and legal representative of the bidder).

10, Evaluation principles

1. The tender is not openly bid evaluation, does not guarantee the minimum tender offer bid.

2. Tender will be in strict accordance with the "steel tender procurement program" assessment of tender documents, the use of comprehensive evaluation methods.

3. No more than two successful candidates, and then contract business negotiations, the final confirmation of the successful bidder.

11, Schedule

1. Sculpture site: the bidder in the preparation of the tender documents can be self-inspection during the construction site (at their own expense), during the period of any security accident by the bidder themselves are all responsible.

2. On April 17, 2017, the bidder sent the tender to Room 319, 3rd Floor, B14 Building, Huashan Software New Town, Wuhan, Hubei, China. Obsolete delivery of tender documents not received.

12, Other

1. The tenderer in the final confirmation of the successful bidder, issued within three days of the bid notice.

2. The successful bidder must be in the specified period (the successful bidder received a successful bid notice 10 days) arrived at the designated place to sign a subcontractor, otherwise the tenderer has the right to cancel the bid qualification.

3. Bidders in the tender to pay 20,000 yuan bid bond.

4. The winning bidder shall submit a performance bond of 100,000 yuan upon signing the contract, and the deposit will be refunded in full after the main structure of the project is closed.

5. The tender documents will be attached as a contract, the successful bidder must accept, otherwise it will cancel the bid qualification.

6. The tenderee does not pay any bid compensation for the bidder.

7. During the bidding period, the supplementary statement issued by the tenderee to the tender documents will be part of the tender documents.

The tender documents 200 yuan / sets, IFB. The bid invitation method is explained by the tenderer.

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