The second bidding announcement of HIECT purchasing the canteen kitchenware in Branch center
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Tender for the Hubei International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. The project has been with the tender conditions, are invited to invite interested potential bidders (hereinafter referred to as bidders) to participate in the project bid.

First, the project name:

Canteen kitchen equipment procurement projects

Second, the content:

Please contact us according to the address and contact provided by the tender notice to obtain the construction drawings, the overall design plan, and the tender documents

Third, the bidder qualification:

In line with the "People’s Republic of China Government Procurement Law," the provisions of Article 22 of the conditions, the domestic registration (referring to the relevant provisions of the state required to register) production or operation of the tender procurement of goods, and have legal personality suppliers. The project does not accept the consortium bid.

The bidder shall submit a document certifying that it is entitled to participate in the bid and to be able to perform the contract after winning the bid and as part of its tender documents.

The applicant’s certificate of eligibility to prove the performance of the contract after the bidder shall include the following documents:

If the goods provided by the bidder in accordance with the contract are not made by the bidder themselves, the bidder shall be duly authorized by the goods manufacturer to provide the goods in this tender;

(1) tender is a professional manufacturer of kitchen utensils. Bidders must provide three licenses in one business license (operating range of gas stove, stainless steel products production, manufacturing and other related content); has a good after-sales service capabilities and measures;

Bidders must have gas burner installation and maintenance qualification

Bidders must have a national industrial production license (gas stove).

Bidders must have a gas stove inspection report, and can prove that the gas stove installed automatic flameout protection device.

(2) the legal representative or authorized client to participate in the qualification examination: if the legal representative to participate in the provision of identity cards; if authorized by the principal to participate in the original power of attorney);

Fourth, the purchase of competitive negotiation Procurement documents Time and place:

Please in April 1917 to April 21, 2017 April 21 (normal working hours) to the Hubei Construction Building, third floor, Room 319 to buy competitive negotiation procurement documents, priced at 200 yuan / copies, IFB. Purchase of competitive negotiation procurement documents must be the legal representative of the bidder to carry the following materials: (1) effective business three copies of a business license copy, (2) legal person and the client ID card copy, (the above information received original copy Pieces, copies need to be stamped with official seal).

Fifth, the deadline for submission of bid documents and place:

the tender documents must be sealed in the form of April 26, 2010 10:30 am to submit, overdue not accepted.

Sixth, opening time and place: 

April 26, 2017 at 2:00 pm in Hubei Construction Building, third floor conference room. The legal representative or the entrusted agent who participates in the bidding must hold a valid document (the legal representative shall wait for the designated place on the basis of the qualification certificate and the identity card or the entrusted agent with the original power of attorney and the identity card).

Eight, Hubei International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. Bank account:

Account Name: Hubei International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd

Bank: China Construction Bank branch in Wuhan Province

Account number: 42001868608053036190

Nine, Hubei International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. Contact and telephone address:

Address: Huashan Software New Town B14 Building, Building 319, Hubei Construction Building

Contact: Cao Xingyu 13886003169