Notice on Printing and Distributing Group 's Safety and Quality Management Objectives for 2017
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All units and departments:

In order to achieve the overall goal of the Group in 2017, the Group will do a good job in the Group’s 2017 safety and quality management work. In accordance with the Group’s second session of the second session of the work conference and the deployment of the work conference, combined with the Group’s 2019 production and operation objectives and tasks, Safety production and project quality management objectives, please units, departments with their own reality, conscientiously implement.

First, the safety management objectives

    1. The whole group ensures zero death.

    2. Eliminate the fire accident, put an end to the construction site vehicle traffic accidents, to prevent machinery and equipment accidents, put an end to the general road traffic accidents, put an end to group food poisoning accident.

    3. Work accident frequency is less than 3 ‰, no occupational disease occurred throughout the year.

    4. On-site environmental protection and noise control meet the requirements, no complaints and penalties.

    5. Special operating personnel and three types of personnel holders of posts to meet the requirements.

    6. Full safety education and training in line with the provisions.

Second, the project quality management objectives

The quality of a project inspection pass rate of 100%, quality control of effective disease, to prevent the quality of the project accident.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Hubei Province Industrial Construction Group Co., Ltd

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