Notice on carrying out the theme of
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All units of the party committee (directly under the party branch), the organs of the branch:

2017 is the group "capacity building year", in order to improve the ability of the majority of party members to perform their duties, and effectively achieve the "strong ability" goal, the group party committee research, decided to "strengthen capacity building" as the first quarter of the group theme party Day activities of the core content.

All branches should organize all the party members to seriously study Liu Guanghui, chairman and general manager of Hu Dan in the group of the second session of the workers on the spirit of the speech, a solid "capacity building" activities. To focus on "capacity building", combined with the actual business, combined with their jobs, comprehensive and serious discussion, to in-depth analysis of the implementation of enterprises is not strong, ability to work, innovation, competitiveness, survival and development capacity is too weak problems and reasons To explore from what aspects of capacity, how to improve the ability, as a party member in the capacity building should do, each party member must have written material.

Please submit the opinions and suggestions on the formation of the thematic discussions and the subject matter of the party on April 10, and submit to the group organization and personnel department.

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