Notice of submission the monthly work plan and summary
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Group companies, general contracting companies, international engineering companies:

In order to further strengthen the management of the enterprise, the company's work is orderly and orderly, and the quality of the work and the level of execution are improved. In accordance with the requirements of the Group's annual general meeting, the departments have to do a good job in the "monthly plan, Zhou supervision, quarter summary and year summary" , The company's various departments, general contracting companies and international engineering companies to submit monthly work plan next month, last month's work summary, the specific requirements are now notified as follows:

First, the contents of the monthly work plan

According to the group and the units, the annual work plan of each department, the monthly work plan should include the work category, work content, completion time, responsible person, with the staff or department, according to the company to complete the unified format. In preparing the work plan, note:

     1. Classification. That should be combined with the actual work of the company, the unit or department of the work of the classification, the same nature or attributes of the specific work into the corresponding categories, to prevent the flow of water accounts and chaos.

    2. Express the statement. That is, can be quantified, must be expressed in digital; difficult to quantify should also try to use accurate language to complete the standard or achieve the results of qualitative, should not use the general or ambiguous language.

    3. clear time limit. Each job must be clearly completed. For the work of timeliness, should be accurate to a day; for daily or continuity work can be expressed as "full month." In the month of the work plan should be a reasonable time to break down, so that before the loose immediately. Need to complete the work across the month, to clearly state the progress should be completed this month.

    4. clear responsibility. The work of each department must be clearly responsible, always responsible for the work. Leaders of the departments of the monthly work plan should be supervised at any time, weekly inspection and supervision, the completion of the work to be timely grasp.

    5. Department of cooperation. All with the strength of a person is difficult to complete the work, with the people; the department is difficult to complete their own needs and other departments with the work, in the work plan before the development should be timely and active communication with the relevant department heads and reasonable arrangements for work The duty. With the department in accordance with the functions to be actively assisted by the responsibility. The departments involved in the work should be included in the sector plan and indicate the dominant or cooperative status. For example: the Ministry of Human Resources to develop the work of the various departments set the work, leading the work of the human resources department, with the department for all departments of the company, and should be included in the monthly plans of the various departments.

Second, the monthly work plan implementation procedures

    1. The last working day, each department, general contracting company and international engineering company will submit the next monthly work plan (through the electronic or office platform "free flow") submitted by the supervisor to the office.

    2. Office of the monthly work plan summary, sent to the leadership review.

Third, the monthly work summary requirements

The work summary is based on the work plan, including work performance, problems, corrective measures and so on.

    1. Monthly work summary is mainly on the monthly work plan to complete the situation statistics, analysis, comparison.

    2. For the last month's work plan to complete the work of the content to be realistic and objective analysis of the reasons, focusing on the solution.

The first working day of each month to submit this month's work plan, last month's work summary, the electronic version of the format and written materials reported to a group office.

    Annex: monthly work schedule

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