HICC has been approved as the general contractor of complete foreign aid projects
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  Recently, Hubei Industrial Construction Group has successfully obtained the general contracting enterprise qualification of foreign aid complete project recognized by the Ministry of Commerce. Foreign aid projects are projects approved by the Ministry of Commerce that help recipient countries to construct and produce projects with foreign aid nature by using foreign aid joint venture and cooperative project funds, foreign aid preferential loans and other aid funds.

  The mofcom shall be responsible for the establishment, administration and supervision of the complete project. The application for the qualification of the general contractor for foreign aid projects is very strict, and only super enterprises and the Top 100 first-class enterprises in China are eligible to apply. HICC,as the only large state-owned construction enterprise group in Hubei province, it was successfully approved by the ministry of commerce, which is highly recognized by Hubei provincial government, and also a platform to display corporate image and a symbol of comprehensive strength of the enterprise.



  The qualification of foreign aid project enterprise is of great significance, and it has obtained the "Admission Certificate" of foreign aid project bidding for the group company, which is a sign that the group company has been recognized in the foreign aid construction market. The acquisition of foreign aid qualification is not only an opportunity for the group to show its strength to the outside world, but also an opportunity for the group to take advantage of the opportunity to expand overseas markets. In order to actively implement the "Overseas priority" strategy, accelerate the group's "Go Global" pace, and open up a new focus on overseas business market.

  International Engineering Company has applied for the qualification of general contractor of foreign aid complete project. As the business division of HICC, International engineering company is responsible for overseas operation and management of overseas projects, mainly focusing on overseas sectors to drive the development of overseas markets. With the strong support of the group company, the International Engineering Company actively studied the policy and prepared the application materials, and finally successfully obtained the approval from the Ministry of Commerce.