Stay confident to set out again! HICC held overseas work meeting.
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  As per the unified deployment of the theme education of provincial communist party committee ‘never forget the original ideals, bear the mission in mind’,HICC’S communist party committee push forward fully steadily theme education work in the light of request of ‘four things run through the activity’.in accordance with the problem check and rectify and reform works arrangement, in the light of the overseas work reality,at July 2th, HICC organized and held the overseas work meeting.


  The secretary of communist party committee of the group company president Liu guanghui attended the meeting and delivered a speech. In which he said that carrying out overseas business is a necessary action for our group to integrate into the national strategy, is important component part of diversified development, is continuous development of going out strategy which the group insisted on for a long time, is important support for the group to breakthrough both realizing transformation and upgrading and development with high quality.currently,there are shortcomings of projects decentralization, small scale, weakness of discourse right in the overseas development of the group, that relates to our lack of attention to overseas work and the top-level design, and to lack of expertise, mechanism, ability and financial support at the present stage.


  “in spite of the difficulties which we face during carrying out overseas work at the present stage, but we can not stop the pace of sailing to sea and keeping moving on. Liu Guanghui put forward four requests as to keep doing well the overseas work:the first is to stay confident to keep moving on. The overseas market is the important support for the development of the group with high quality, is only road to realize the transformation and upgrading of the group, the road of development of the overseas market must be firmly walked well.the second is scientific arrangement,establishing platform. every member unit of the group should study seriously the tactical issues to get rid of the difficult situation separately by professional advantage, and share jointly resources,advance together,  develop mutually that integrate resources internally, aggregate resources externally. The third is to optimize structure, activate mechanism. Every units and departments of the group should make for the overseas work well-directed support policy,fault-tolerant mechanism, risk control process and incentive measures in the financial support, talents training, information gathering, scale growth etc,so as to implement the strategic thinking of development of overseas work.the fourth is to improve ability, build brand. It is required plough deeply the existing Indonesian, Vietnamese,Turkish markets, and expanding field of undertaking projects, so as to realize rolling undertaking, sustainable development, improve gradually the risk precaution ability for the overseas projects and its cost control ability, shine the HICCS brand through creating outstanding achievement. Finally, Liu Guanghui expressed sincere thanks to the workers who work hard for a long period at the overseas production area, and wished them good in health, smooth in work, more success.


  The deputy secretary of the communist party committee of the group general manager Hu Dan presided the meeting.

  The general economist of the group company Pan Lihong, principal comrades of the member(division) units of the group,directors in charge of marketing, directors of departments of the group company and above, heads of overseas branches, heads of overseas projects and so on 120 people attended the meeting.



  At the meeting,the deputy director-general provincial commerce department foreign affairs and economic cooperation office Li Liangxiong, China import and export bank Hubei branch big customer manager Li Zhichao, China export credit insurance company Hubei branch big customer manager Duan kunpeng, China international trade arbitration commission Hubei branch international affairs expert Liu Leyang gave lecture on the state foreign affairs and economic cooperation policy, policy bank credit support,risk prevention and control of overseas projects, international arbitration rule.


  The comrades in charge of international economic cooperation and finance lease company, Tianhua company, erection company,Zhongli company, International engineering delivered communication speech on development of the overseas business.


  The comrade in charge of International Engineering Company made a typical speech as well on experiences and lessons taken from the overseas business and the positive and negative cases.