Strengthen risk prevention and control and jointly build "the Belt and Road"
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  In order to enhance the the Belt and Road ability of the group's enterprises to "Go Global" under the "the Belt and Road" policy, on the afternoon of July 18, Hubei International Economic and Technical Cooperation Company held a professional training on "the Belt and Road" typical country risk analysis and overseas risk management and control. Leaders and some employees of International Engineering Company, Installation company, Legal department, Waterway Engineering Company, Tianhua construction Engineering company, Financial Leasing Company and Hubei Industrial Construction Investment and Development Company participated in the training.



  The keynote speaker of this training, Zheng Gang, is a well-known risk control expert, business intelligence expert, and an expert member of the "the Belt and Road" risk research group of the research center of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council. Teacher zheng explained the traditional risks, country risks and political risks of Chinese enterprises' overseas development in a simple way, and gave practical Suggestions based on his years of experience in risk research. He stressed that in the communication and cooperation with overseas enterprises, differences should be respected, overall consideration should be given, and development space and investment opportunities should be expanded under the premise of controllable risks.



  At the training meeting, participants asked questions about difficulties in the current overseas business work, such as how to better develop the market in India, Myanmar and other countries, and teacher Zheng Gang answered questions on the spot.

  This special training has deepened people's understanding of international business risk prevention and control, and provided practical guidance for companies to explore overseas markets. It has strengthened our confidence and courage in "Go Global". Everyone expressed that they would continue to strengthen their study of relevant knowledge, arm their minds with theories and guide their practice, so as to make a contribution to the development of overseas markets of the group.