As you today ,so the future expected !HICC 2018-2019 training course for the recruits completed successfully.
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  From June 2th to June 5th, the group’s 2018-2019 training course for the new recruits had been held successfully at Wuhan police officer vocational and technical college.


  At the afternoon of 5th,the training course held completion ceremony where held apprenticing ceremony,communicated between the new employees and the old ones and delivered speech,recognized the advanced collective and the advanced character, the group companys secretary of the communist party committee,the president Guanghui Liu delivered the completion speech.

  All the group company present leaders attended the completion ceremony.

Apprenticing Ceremony

  The master teaches the apprentice, the torch of acknowledge be handed down. For a long time, HICC had continued the good tradition of master teaching apprentice. the apprenticing ceremony was specially arranged at todays completion ceremony where 12 pairs 24 new and old employees became master and apprentice.


  The apprentice hand over the apprenticing book.


  The apprentice offers teas to the master.


  The groups senior project manager Zhou Houcai replies as representative of the masters.


  The secretary of the communist party committee of infrastructure company Zhonghua Xiao advises as a master.


  Artistic performance



  Recite poem——《We HICC Personnel》



  The song and dance——《the true affection is always there》

  The new employees communicate and deliver speech

  Junlei Yang                                                                                         

  General Contracting Company

  Haoxin Gong

  Infrastructure Company

  Biao Zhang

  Erection Company


  Xue Li

  Technology Company

  The new recruits said,in the future work,it is requested keeping the team spirit and colleague friendship established during the training course, combining their effort, doing their best so as to create new achievement for the future development of HICC and write a new brilliant for construction iron army 102.



  Recognize the advanced collective,trainees

  Read out the initiative



  The group companys secretary of the communist party committee,the general manager Guanghui Liu and the deputy secretary of the communist party committee Shengwei Yang present award to the advanced collective.


  The trainee of Time Autocar Jun Liang read out the initiative.

  Completion speech

  The group companys secretary of the communist party committee,Guanghui Liu delivered completion speech:

  Guanghui Liu said,this training course is short in time, big in scale,good in effect,it has achieved the expected goal,and shown the good quality and the mental outlook of the new recruits.


  He make three requests to all the new recruits:

  The first is the original intention to know the companys history,integrating into the companys culture,enhancing the sense of mission and the sense of belonging.HICC undertake the projects nationwide and experienced the both of brilliance and desolation,so todays achievement is not obtained easily,it is the result of the joint struggle of hundreds of thousands of HICCs staff of several generation,hoping that you would agree and respect the history.

  The second one is to know the current situation of company development,offering the wisdom and the power during the transformation and upgrading and development of the group with high quality. For a long time,there appeared severe talent deficiency in the group,your coming make the companys talent structure more reasonable that the company has the stronger reserve strength of development, but we will still be in a situation running after others for a long time in the market order to catch up, it is requested that the young staff have the courage to assume the liability and contribute that go to the projects across the country and the one belt one road projects,and go to the cutting edge of the company development,contributing your youth and power for HICC proceeding continually.

  The third one is to know the companys development strategy,and make a good planing for the life and career.the baton of development of HICC will

be relaid to you soon, you the new recruits need to think seriously, and set your ideal goal in the joint development with the company,and gather the

strong mental aura in the work.  


  Guanghui Liu said, a country needs the mental aura, a nation needs the mental aura, so the company and the individual also must have it. He hopes that the new recruits make progress,reform and innovation,hard study and good thinking,overcoming difficulties,assuming liabilities,loyalty and purity to push forward the development of HICC finally and reconstruct the glory of 102.


  Review of training course

  Afternoon 2 June

  Registering day

  400 trainees registered and started the training in the night.



  3 June

  Course start day

  The training course start formally where the trainees put into the intense study.



  4 June

  Special training day

  Casting the team spirit,refining the iron armys style.



  Morning 5 June

  Vocational training

  The goal of building the professionalism of all trainees in 360° definitely be reached.