Huang Chuping,executive deputy governor, praised the the
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24 May a.m. local time,Liu Guanghui, party secretary and chairman of Hubei Industrial Construction Group, delivered a keynote speech in the economic and trade cooperation and exchange activities between Hubei province and Kazan city of Russia.He introduced the history, qualification and advantages of Hubei Industrial Construction Group and its overseas business in recent years, as well as the No. 5 sintering plant project of Sinosteel & Russia MMK Steel Company and the subordinate Hubei Channel Engineering Company contracted by the group.


Liu Guanghui said:


As a large state-owned construction enterprise group in Hubei province, Hubei Industrial Construction Co., Ltd. has been implementing the "go global" strategy since the 1980s, deeply pursuing “the Belt and Road Initiatives” and undertaking projects in more than 20 countries and regions along the route, making positive contributions to the economic construction of various regions.Facing the future, Hubei Industrial Construction Group will fully respond to the national“the Belt and Road Initiatives”, actively explore a new development model of "investment, financing and construction integration" of overseas projects, and make greater contributions to urban construction and infrastructure in the Volga River coastal federal region and the Russian Republic of Tatarstan, so as to benefit local people.  


Russia is one of the key overseas markets developed by Hubei Industrial Construction Group.In the absorption tower project of flue gas desulfurization project of No.5 sintering plant of MMK Steel Company implemented by Hubei Industrial Construction Group in February 2018, the company paid great attention to the contract and kept its reputation, and made positive contributions to improve the utilization rate of local resources, winning the praise of the owner, the general contractor and the consultant.


In this exchange activity, Huang Chuping, member of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and executive deputy governor spoke highly of Hubei Industrial Construction Group.He said the chairman of Hubei Industrial Construction Group should take the lead in attaching importance to foreign economic and trade work, which deserves encouragement.The Provincial Development and Reform Commission should study and formulate preferential policies to strengthen support and support for provincial state-owned enterprises to go abroad.


Exchange activity 


Baliev manatrepresentative of the State Duma of Russiaspoke at the event

It is reported that the Hubei Provincial Government Delegation led by Huang Chuping, member of the Standing Committee of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and executive deputy governor, and enterprises from various fields including equipment manufacturing, infrastructure, scientific and technological innovation, industry and trade will visit Russia, and conduct extensive docking and negotiation with all walks of life in Russia to continuously improve the level of the province's opening to the outside world.